Nicholas Thomas

MSc Research Methods in Psychology (Merit). 2016 – 2017.
MRes Musculoskeletal Aging (Distinction). 2015 -2016.
BSc Anatomy and Human Biology (1st Class Honours). 2012 – 2015
Postgraduate Society Administrator & Committee member (February 2018 – present).
Human Anatomy Demonstrator at University of Liverpool (November 2017 – present)
Biomechanics Journal Club Leader/In charge of running?? (January 2017 – present).
Work experience at INSIGNEO institute at The University of Sheffield (May 2016).
What’s your role in EMB?
I am a first year PhD student but I have been working within the group since 2015.
What are you currently working on?
My PhD focus is investigating human walking both inside and outside of the laboratory.  I am currently working on a project aiming to investigate how different surfaces impacts our gaze and gait behaviour.
 How and why did you get into your current research?
I studied Anatomy and Human Biology for my undergraduate degree at The University of Liverpool. Throughout my degree, I became really interested by how the human anatomy evolved and, in particular, how we evolved to adopt a bipedal gait. I volunteered as a summer student between my second and third year within the EMB group, eager to know more about how through understanding the human gait of modern humans we can begin to understand our evolutionary past. It was by completing this project, I became truly fascinated in understanding the biomechanics of human gait, which has been my main area of research within the EMB group so far. In particular, my interests have expanded to researching how our gait changes as we age.  I hope to continue to research how gait changes in the elderly, ultimately aiming to help reduce and prevent age-associated falls experienced when walking.
Mountain walking, Tattoos & Welsh Cakes
Crocodiles, Mushrooms & Pebbledash