Lewis Guest


BSc (Hons.) Sports Sciences and MSc Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences (Human Performance) – both from Brunel University London.
 What’s your role in EMB?
PhD student (started March 2018) studying the relation between anatomy, biomechanics, performance and injury risk in cricket bowlers
 What are you currently working on?
Preparing for two studies: 1) using wearable accelerometers to analyse the effect of run-sup speed/length on bowling performance and biomechanics, 2) using motion capture and isokinetic dynamometry to look at the differences between men and women regarding anthropometry, muscle strength and bowling speed/technique.
How and why did you get into your current research?
I have a pure sports sciences background and saw this as a great opportunity to advance my skills and possibly translate the findings from the project into the real world or into other sports. I’ve always wanted to help further human performance, whether it be my own as an athlete or of the wider world with an increasing knowledge in sports biomechanics, a field which I feel is under-valued by the current sporting community at large.
Likes: sports, music, self-knowledge
Dislikes: losing (like – a lot), pop music, not being able to think of a 3rd dislike