Dr Kris D’Aout

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What’s your role in EMB?
I’m a lecturer with an interest in the biomechanics of human (and other animal) locomotion. I have a particular interest in foot biomechanics and footwear.
What are you currently working on?
I’m working on several projects spanning the scale from fundamental to more applied topics. Most work is related to the evolution of upright walking in humans, to understanding human gait in different contexts (shod or barefoot, flat or complex substrates etc.) and to applications such as footwear design and gait stability.
How and why did you get into your current research?
As a kid I was interested in life as a phenomenon and mostly animals. After the compulsory I-want-to-be-a-pilot phase I quickly settled on Biology. For my Master’s I ended up in a functional morphology lab at Antwerp University and really liked the research, so I stayed as long as I could, working on several projects. I then had a nice job opportunity in Liverpool and the rest is history! You could say my current research is a combination of curiosity, doing things I enjoy, grabbing opportunities, and a lot of coincidences.
People (well, most of them and a few, a lot). Being picked up by a wave in my kayak. Enjoying music with a nice pint and good company (cheeky, that’s three things).
People taking themselves too serious. We are messing up the planet. I can’t find my CD “Songs for Drella” by Lou Reed and John Cale.