Dr James Gardiner

MEng in Mechanical Engineering from Sheffield University
PhD on the aerodynamics of bat flight from Manchester University
Past Experiences
PostDoc at Liege University on goose flight aerodynamics
PostDoc at Salford University on efficient prosthetic leg design.
What’s your role in EMB?
 Perma-doc. I try to help out with all the research going on in the lab and when I have time do some of my own projects. Also bits of teaching, admin and technical support. I have a really fantastic job!!!
What are you currently working on?
Bat morphology, bacula biomechanics and bird aerodynamics! Sometimes I work on human clinical gait too. 🙂
How and why did you get into your current research?
Always loved animals and engineering, However, pure engineering is really hard and pure biology is very confusing. Biomechanics lets you take the best bits of both and work on a huge variety of projects.
Likes:Dogs, computer games, rock climbing, hoppy IPAs, Greggs.
Dislikes:Traffic jams, smooooooth jazz, midges, blue cheese, reality TV.