Dr Alana Sharp

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PhD Functional Morphology (2014, Monash University, Australia)
BSc Zoology, (2010, Monash University, Australia)
Past experiences
Postdoc at UCL on the role of soft tissues in cranial biomechanics
Postdoc and lecturer in human anatomy at University of New England
What’s your role in EMB?
Lecturer in human anatomy
What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on a range of projects involving comparative anatomy (marsupials, bats, reptiles, rats), cranial biomechanics, finite element analysis of ankle fractures, and functional anatomy of human intrinsic foot muscles.
How and why did you get into your current research?
I was always interesting in biology and physics, so biomechanics allowed me to combine both. I can’t decide what my favourite species is, so I work on a lot, everything is interesting!